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Rose Mcgowan

When the lights go down...


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On this page I'll include an annotated list of all the star's film, television, and stage appearances. I'll include pictures and comments on each film.


A film reel; Actual size=240 pixels wide

charmed 2001...paige hallawell
wild on 2001...
vaccums 2001
rat in the can 2001...Moria
Atikka 2001
fast sofa 2001
monkeybone 2000...Miss Kitty
ready to rumble 2000...Sasha
holy wood 2000
jawbreaker 1999...courtney alice shane

the last stop 1999...nacey
devil in the flesh 1998...debbie strand
past imperfect 1998
southie 1998
brass ring 1998
phantoms 1998...leisa paley
dearly devoted 1998
lewis & clark & geoge 1997...geoge
going all the way 1997...gail ann tylar
kiss and tell 1997...jasmine
nowhere 1997...val chick 3
seed 1997...mirium
scream 1996...tadom
bio-dome 1996...denise
the doom generation 1995...amy blue
encino man 1992...nora

guist aperince
what aboute joan 2000
true colers 1990

Favorite Movie

In this area I'll talk about what I think is this star's best movie. I'll try to explain why I think it's their best work and why it's important to me personally.